The table below shows the amount of cover provided for non-smokers by our Over 50s Fixed Life Insurance Plan, compared to similar plans with standard rates from other companies. The terms and conditions of these plans may vary.

As per quotes taken on 25 June 2018 from websites, we can offer 60-75 year old non-smokers a higher cash sum for any premium than these providers. The information in the table below is based on a 65-year- old non-smoker, paying £20 a month.

The actual features between each of the products vary

Legal & General Over 50s Fixed Life Insurance Plan -  for non-smokers £3,818 After 1 year  Age 90 
Royal London £3,812 After 1 year Age 90
Sun Life Direct Guaranteed Over 50 Plan  £3,599 After 2 years  Premiums paid for life 
Aviva Guaranteed Lifelong Protection £3,428 After 1 year At 30 years or age 90

Smokers receive a lower cash sum than non-smokers for the same monthly premium, from Legal & General. The level of premium and cash sum depends on your individual circumstances.

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