11 July 2017

Preparation for your financial future and later years is not something many like to think about, but taking simple steps now to prepare could really benefit you and your loved ones.  For instance, making arrangements for your own funeral in advance is one way to help ease some of the financial burden on your family and friends, at a time of grief.

Setting time aside to consider your options, talk to loved ones and formulate a strategy doesn’t need to be overly time consuming or complicated. To make things easier we’ve outlined key things you may wish to consider to get organised as simple steps in the easy-to-follow infographic below.

We’ve sorted these steps into three main sections, so you can tackle this important project in a systematic way, and included a list of useful links and resources, including our relevant products you might want to consider, at the end of the infographic - to help with the next steps.

over 50s infographic