The table below allows you to see the differences between the Fixed Plan and the Increasing Plan, so you can decide which one is best suited to your own needs.

Fixed monthly premiums   Yes     No  
Fixed cash sum – if you die after one year of the plan starting   Yes     No  
Cash sum reviewed each year in line with the change in RPI   No     Yes  
Cash sum paid on death to your estate – unless assigned or placed in trust   Yes     Yes  
Inflation will reduce the buying power of the cash sum   Yes     No  
Help towards your funeral expenses and at the same time have an extra amount allocated at no extra cost*   Yes     Yes  

*This facility is available if you choose the Funeral Benefit Option with the Fixed or Increasing Plans.

What is RPI?

The Retail Prices Index (RPI) is used as a measure of inflation. It measures the changing prices of everyday household goods and services like food and energy bills, and shows how the cost of living rises over the years.