10 reasons why being a grandparent is the best job in the world

Grandparents are pretty popular and they’re playing an increasingly important role in their grandchildren’s lives.

When we asked parents who they think the best people are to look after their children, nearly half (49%) of parents say that the children's grandparents are the best people to look after the children1. In fact, more than 69 per cent said they’re only able to work their current hours thanks to grandparents' help.

There are many challenges and benefits to being a grandparent caregiver, but in asking the grandparents for their views on this social trend, we also heard a lot about why being a grandparent, generally, is so special. They made a compelling – and rather charming case.

Here are 10 reasons why being a grandparent is the best job in the world, supported by some of our favourite quotes.   

1. You’ve got time to notice the little things

“With our grandkids, we’re not so rushed so there’s space to really savour the little details. When we were raising our daughters, we were just so busy with life that a lot of it flew by. We’re less pressured now.”  Ian, 50, Tunbridge Wells. 

“I have so much more time to play than I did with my own children!”  Ailsa, 69, Windsor.

2. You can watch them discover the world and their place in it

“They’re so ready and willing to learn all the time. It’s just fascinating and quite inspiring too.”  Brian, 74, Cambridge

3.  And teach them a few things too 

“I’ll tell you, this old dog loves teaching my grandson new tricks.”  Harold, 79, Liverpool.

4.  You get to be the ‘fun ones’

“The best grandparent rule? You’re allowed to spoil them! It’s a grandparent’s prerogative.”  Myra, 66, London.

5.  You don’t always have to be the sheriff

“Don’t blame me darling. Your parents make the rules.”  Avril, 68, Aberystwyth.

6.  From the past to the future, it’s one of the best views around

“Grandchildren see the history in us - we see the future in them.”  Jean, 70, Hay-on-Wye

“Based on past experience of bringing up our children, the future can be even more amazing. So much hope. So much potential.”  Roy, 62, Morpeth.

7.  Grandkids are just a heck of a lot of fun

“I never get tired of the funny things my grandchildren say and do. They’re both like little comedians.”  Lindy, 82, Newcastle. 

“My youngest grandchild smiles and bounces up and down when he sees me. My oldest grandchild enjoys going out with me.”  Sophie, 65, Sunderland.

8.  It’s a loving relationship like no other

“My grandchildren are so special and the love I feel for them is different from any other kind of love. I enjoy every minute that I spend with them.”  Lester, 73, Leeds. 

“They always want more cuddles.”  Shireena, 56, Galway.

9.  You’re making an important and meaningful difference in someone’s life

“My granddaughter drew a picture of me as a superhero with a big red cape. That just about did me in. Honestly, what can be more important than helping a child become a kind, caring and resilient adult?”  Jarif, 54, Leeds.

10.  You’re in a position to leave a legacy

“We’re lucky that we’re able to contribute to big things in the future like helping fund university or maybe towards a home. That’s going to always stay with them.”  Steve, 80, Coventry.

1.Value of a Parent Report, 2015.

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