Online will writing

Traditionally, writing a will would mean walking down the high street, sitting with a solicitor and pouring over piles of paperwork. Today, online will writing services are increasingly attractive if you’re looking to save money and time.

Your options for writing a will

There are three ways you can write a will:

1. Solicitors – the tried-and-tested route. The advantage of using a solicitor is that you can be reasonably sure that your legal documents will comply fully with the law. This might be reassuring if your financial arrangements are complicated; for example, you may run a business, have multiple assets or overseas interests. The downside is that using a solicitor is the most expensive way to write a will.

2. Self-service – write the will yourself. If you’re confident enough, there’s nothing stopping you from composing your own will – perhaps using a pre-written template – taking care to follow legal guidelines. While this is the cheapest option, you will have to be very careful not to make any mistakes, as even minor errors can render a will invalid. This approach is only advisable if you’re creating a will with a very simple transfer of assets.

3. Make a will online - the modern way. If you want an affordable option but with professional, legal oversight, you may want to write a will online. Some may prefer the familiarity of a high street solicitor, but for many, online will writing services are easily available and surprisingly user-friendly. What’s more, making a will online is usually cheaper than seeing a solicitor.

How to write a will online

While there is more than one way to make a will online, you can generally expect to answer questions about your circumstances - such as whether you're single or married, and where your assets are located - from the comfort of your computer chair. Following this, a team of legal experts will typically examine your application, recommend any changes and do a final review. Once approved, you’ll still need to print and sign your legally-binding document in the presence of two witnesses. You should note that you’ll need to live in England or Wales to use most online will writing services, as the laws regarding wills differ elsewhere in the UK. For example, Scots law states that a share of your estate can be inherited by your spouse and children, regardless of what your will stipulates.

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