Why it's time to think about the future

You may have been relatively care free, thinking only as far as your next holiday, but now you need to think ahead.

Being a parent is a key time to think about protecting the financial future of your family with Life Insurance or Life and Critical Illness Cover. According to the 2015 poll by the Office of National Statistics, the average age of all new Mums in 2015 was 28.6* and the average age of all Fathers was 33.2*. If this includes new parents or parents of toddlers, are some people considering life insurance too late in life?

We know it’s not easy to talk about, especially at such an exciting time and with such a busy life have you ever stopped to think about how your loved ones would cope financially if you were to die? It’s important to have that conversation and make sure you’re prepared for what life can throw at you.

Parent free life cover for you 

To help give you a head start, we’re offering £15,000 of Parent Free Life Cover. This is the first step in financially protecting your children and the cover lasts for 12 months from the date you take it out. The cover is completely free and there's no need to make any purchase. Both parents can apply for their own policy. So each policy would pay out £15,000 if the person insured died before the end of the policy. What’s more it’s easy to set up and a great way to help protect your family financially at a very busy time.

Planning for the future

So once you’ve tackled the first few years of parenthood, routines are in place and life may be feeling a little bit easier, you should then have a bit more time to consider the best protection policy for you and your family. We hope you'll understand the value of protecting the people you love, and think about the full protection your family might need.

According to our Value of a Parent research** the average family spends £10,244 a year raising their children, which is a whopping £184,392 over 18 years. Without you, who would cover these expenses? Our standard Life Insurance policy could be the answer. You can choose the amount of cover you need and the length of time you need to be insured. If you die during the length of your policy your loved ones could receive a cash sum which they could use to help towards the mortgage or cover the costs of everyday living expenses.

Taking out cover for your family gives you added peace of mind knowing that if the worst should happen to you, you're taking steps to help financially protect them.

Please remember that life insurance is not a saving or investment product and has no cash value unless a valid claim is made.

*Source: Office of National Statistics
**Value of a Parent Research carried out on Legal & General's behalf between 24 April to 4 May 2015.