What sets us apart from other housing providers is our commitment to modern house-building techniques based on the premise of exacting quality, repeatability and continuous improvement in the design and manufacturing process.

We design and create individual modules that come together swiftly and easily to ensure all our modular properties are identical in their fit and finish. Everything's inspected for quality before it leaves the factory, which means things run smoothly when we're building, we spend less time on site and we can complete projects faster.

Our culture of continuous improvement means we encourage everyone to suggest ways of refining and enhancing what we do. By standardising and simplifying our processes, we can drive up quality and productivity - which drives down costs.

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The benefits of modular

Lower costs

Our properties are built to specific dimensions and strict quality standards, meaning developments are finished on time (or early), providing better management of cashflow, faster ROCE and bolstered reputation. They also have a lesser need for aftercare that feeds into lower prices and a high degree of certainty in cost.

Faster construction

Our homes can be built faster due to the standardisation of modular parts that come together quicker and with fewer issues than traditional home building techniques. Disruption to local communities is also kept to a minimum as we can be on and off site sooner.

Higher quality

We digitally model every millimetre of every home we produce before we start production to ensure the highest level of quality in our homes. We have rigorous quality procedures at each stage of manufacturing and construction.

End-to-end delivery

We collaborate on all aspects of planning, design and production, pre-construction, installation and on-site groundworks, sales and aftercare to ensure fewer delays. We take control of the whole delivery process.

Sustainable living

Our factory-built modular homes are specifically designed to achieve a more sustainable future, taking into account their whole-life environmental impact.

Something for everyone

Our homes can be built quickly and developments can be tailored to meet the needs of entire communities, including social affordable, private rental and sale housing.

Working with you

Collaborative partnerships help us build thriving communities.

Frequently asked questions

We appreciate that many people will have questions when it comes to modular homes. Here we answer some of your most common queries:

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