We’re part of Legal & General Group

Legal & General are one of the UK's leading financial services groups.

With over £1 trillion in total assets under management, the group is the UK’s largest investment manager for corporate pension schemes, and a market leader in pensions de-risking, life insurance and workplace pensions.

Legal & General have also directly invested over £19 billion in projects including homebuilding, urban regeneration, clean energy and small business finance.

And, as a group, we’ve been involved in housing for a long time: developing homes, financing the affordable housing sector, and now building modular homes.

2018 Full Year Results

Investing long-term to fix the housing market

Modular housing has the potential to help solve the housing crisis. But starting a modular homes business from scratch takes significant capital, and it won’t bring immediate returns. It takes patient investment. 

Legal & General’s backing has given us the freedom to approach modular building in a brand-new way. 

The freedom to get the right processes, quality and capacity in place. To partner to create sustainable communities. And to realise the long-term potential of modular building for individuals, society, the economy and shareholders alike.