Your top three retirement advice gems

Last year we asked you about the best retirement advice you’ve received. We had over 2,500 people respond – were you one? If so, thank you!

The answers were as diverse as the individuals they represent and all help to shed light on the expectations and experiences of those approaching, and in the midst of, retirement:

1. Enjoy yourself – make  the most of it

The number one tip was about enjoying yourself. 837 people agreed that retirement is a great opportunity to discover new passions and to get involved in inspiring activities.


  • “Age is just a number – ignore it and enjoy life.”
  • “Life is like a book and retirement should be the start of new chapter.”
  • “Grab it with both hands!”
  • “Second childhood begins today. Enjoy the freedom!”


Your top tips:


"Spend time with those you love"

"Don't stop working"

"Make plans"

"Enjoy life, be happy"

"Keep fit and active"

"Try new things"

"Don't worry!"


2. To spend or not to spend?

Advice on personal finances was second in line, but the 408 responses varied a lot: from saving earlier and budgeting wisely, right through to not worrying about the pennies.


  • “Don’t spend money on things you don’t need.”
  • “Spend your money and enjoy yourselves”
  • “Life’s too short to deprive yourself of luxuries.”
  • “It’s not money that makes you happy, it’s living life.”


3. Use it or lose it

At nearly 10%, the third highest category of advice was about staying active. People in retirement these days are becoming more involved in finding ways to keep healthy and full of energy.


  • “Keep active; use it or lose it!”
  •  “Join some social clubs and take up a new hobby.”
  •  “You never actually retire, life is for living.”


Looking for more?

You told us you’d got great advice from friends, family, ex-colleagues as well as doctors, to name just a few! It’s interesting – but perhaps not surprising – that when serious advice was needed about money, financial advisers were one of the top sources of expert guidance.

For more formal guidance, there are lots of avenues to explore. Here’s a few to get you started:


Money Advice Service 

Link to Royal Voluntary Service