Not A Red Card

Mental health is one of the leading causes of long term absences from work; to address this we developed the Not A Red Card campaign to help raise awareness, remove stigma and take real action around mental health in the workplace, through providing employers with the support they need to protect their most valuable asset, their people

Red Cards in sport are normally associated with bad behaviour, but we’re using it to show that it’s not a bad thing to talk about mental health in the workplace. After all, we talk about physical health, so why don’t we talk about mental health?

Protect Your Team’s Mental Health

Launched in 2017, the Not A Red Card campaign uses sport to raise awareness of, and encourage businesses to talk about mental health in the workplace. Since then, we have continued to campaign to get businesses to take action, to help their employees thrive.

Just like sport, it’s about the whole team coming together to tackle mental health issues, so they can ensure better performance in the long term. It also aligns with our holistic approach, and how for many years we’ve been providing effective support for our employees and our customers’ employees who are unable to work due to health conditions, including mental health.