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Fund Prices under Unit Linked Pension Plans.

The following fund prices relate to Legal & General's Personal Pension No1 (PPNo1) and Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contributions (FSAVC) Plans which started on or after 3 January 1990.

If your plan was taken out before 3 January 1990 the annual management charge, and therefore unit price, may be different. The underlying performance of the fund will however be the same.

Prices are for Accumulation units and are net of the annual management charge. Plans may also have benefits invested in initial units for which the unit price will differ.

Those with investments in With Profits should refer to their latest bonus notice for the current annual, interim and final bonus rates.

Should you have any queries please contact your adviser.

For the prices that apply to Legal & General Stakeholder Pension and Personal Pension 2000 please click here

The prices displayed here were released on 21 February 2018.

Fund Name Selling Price (p) Buying Price (p) Variation of Buying Price from the last released date
Ex Building Soc Lkd Acc 469.70 494.40 0.00
Ex Cash Acc 1159.80 1220.80 0.00
Ex Distribution Acc 453.80 477.70 0.60
Ex Equity Acc 9456.60 9954.30 0.40
Ex Euro Acc 1405.10 1479.10 6.70
Ex Far Eastern 1398.40 1472.00 9.10
Ex Fixed Acc 3740.10 3936.90 17.40
Ex Index Linked Gilt Acc 1292.70 1360.70 10.80
Ex International Acc 1701.60 1791.20 6.30
Ex Managed Acc 6263.80 6593.50 11.30
Ex North America Acc 2680.20 2821.30 11.10
Ex Property Acc 3121.90 3286.20 0.20
SP Deposit Acc 835.40 879.40 0.00
Index Fund Acc 895.40 942.50 0.60
Aggressive Growth Acc 903.80 951.40 2.10
Ex UK Smaller Cos Acc 617.00 649.50 -1.80
Ex UK Recovery Acc 277.40 292.00 0.20
Ex Ethical Acc 222.60 234.30 -0.40
Ex European Eqty Idx Acc 279.50 294.20 1.10
Ex US Eqty Index Acc 319.40 336.20 1.50
Ex Japanese Eqty Index Acc 139.60 146.90 -0.10
Ex Consensus Acc 233.90 246.20 0.70

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