What is 12 Month Pet Insurance?

This type of pet insurance policy will cover your pet treatment fees from the date the condition is first treated for 12 months up to your selected cover limit. 12 Month Pet Insurance can be a cost-effective option compared to Lifetime Insurance and will protect your pet from accident or illness but on a time limited basis.

Understanding 12 Month Pet Insurance

12 Month £2,000 and 12 Month £5,000 are 12 month pet insurance policies. The total you can claim for each new condition your pet may suffer is £2,000 or £5,000 unless there is an additional benefit limit shown for a specific condition. There's no limit to the number of separate conditions that you can claim for until either the 12 month time limit or each of the individual monetary limits has been reached.

As long as the insurance policy remains in force, your pet has 12 months cover from the onset of each new condition.

Once the financial limit has been reached or 12 months has passed – whichever is sooner – any ongoing treatment required as a result of this condition will be excluded from future claims and treated as a pre-existing condition.