Keeping your dog active this winter

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We all like to keep active even in the winter and our dogs are no different. Take a look at some of the ways you can keep your pooch active throughout the winter season:

Make meal times entertaining

There’s nothing better than dinner and entertainment although that may mean something different to us humans! To keep your dog active why not try a feeding toy? Studies show that dogs love to work for their meals as it gives them greater pleasure and satisfaction once they’ve caught it. This is also a great idea if your pooch suffers from serious gastrointestinal conditions from eating too quickly, as it slows their rate of consumption down as they work to release their food.

New tricks 

Learning new tricks can help stimulate your dog’s mind and are a great way to teach good behaviour; always start with the easier tricks like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ and work your way up to the more complex tricks like ‘paw’ and ‘roll over’. Keep trick sessions to about fifteen minutes to ensure they stay fun for you and your pooch.

Making treat-time fun!

Hide and seek can be a great way to bond with your pooch and keep treat-time exciting. Keep your dog in a separate room while you hide the treats in another room and then let them loose to find the goodies. At first hide treats in obvious places so your pooch begins to understand how the game works, as you continue the game, make each hiding place more difficult to find than the last.


Although it may be cold outside, your dog will still want to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Taking your dog for a twenty to thirty minute walk is a good way to keep them active. If you have a short haired pooch consider wrapping them in a doggy coat. Keep in mind that at this time of year pavements are treated with salt to stop pedestrians from slipping but this can harm your dog’s paws; so either cover their feet with booties or rinse their paws once indoors.


Playing fetch can be a great way to get your dog’s bloods circulation going; play in the garden or use your walkies-time to walk to a park.

Playing in the snow

Dog’s love the snow… especially ploughing through it. Spending about thirty minutes outside will give your pooch a great workout and will leave them feeling exhausted. When playtime is over, be sure to rinse their paws to clean off any salt.

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