Is Pet Insurance worth it?

There are 9 million dogs and 8 million cats in the UK. The number of dogs as pets increased by 5% on last year and the cat population went up by 140,000 – the highest it’s been for five years.  It seems our love for our furry friends gets stronger every year. It makes sense therefore to ensure that these important members of our family are given the best possible protection.

Providing peace of mind

Pet Insurance can help to cover the cost of unexpected vet fees when your pet needs treatment due to an accident or illness. You could even be covered if your pet gets lost*, with help for advertising and a reward. What’s surprising then, is that only 62% of dog owners and just 35% of cat owners arranged pet insurance in 2017. One of the biggest barriers to buying protection for our pets, it appears, is cost. 

How much is Pet Insurance?

Owners will often avoid or put off getting Pet Insurance because of the cost of premiums. Even though we love buying our beloved pets treats, toys and accessories, Pet Insurance is more often than not left out of the spending mix due to the perception that it is unaffordable. But consider the following: 

Average cost of Pet Insurance premiums in 2017 was £304 for dogs and £160 for cats
The average insurance claim for dogs and cats in 2017 was £676
Insurers paid out £706 million in claims in 2016 – a 7% increase on the previous year, up 35% since 2013. 

It’s easy to see how having Pet Insurance for your dog or cat can not only provide you with peace of mind, but save you a considerable amount of money. Whilst routine veterinary visits or vaccinations aren’t covered, bills can quickly add up, so pet insurance can help to ensure you don’t have to worry about unplanned veterinary expenses. 

Types of Pet Insurance

We offer three types of Pet Insurance policy: Lifetime, 12 Month and Accident Only. There are six different levels of benefit limit to choose from, helping you get the most appropriate level of cover for your pets. 

You can read more about our Pet Insurance policies and the limitations and exclusions that apply here.

Helping you save on Pet Insurance

Not only are there more UK families making pets a part of their life, they’re having more than one four-legged child. The average dog-owning household (over six million) has an estimated 1.4 dogs, while the average cat-owning household (around five million) has 1.6 cats. 

With this in mind, we’re doing our bit to help you save on insurance through our multi-pet insurance discount. If you insure two or more pets with us you’ll get 10% off your multi-pet insurance costs. The saving applies to every additional pet you insure with us. 

Limitations and exclusions apply. Find out more about Multi-Pet Insurance here

Get a quote for Pet Insurance today and compare the different types of coverage and premiums. You can even save your quote and come back to it later.

*Not included with our Accident Only policy


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