If you love cats, you’ll know they’re all these things and more. They make you laugh, lift your mood and sometimes make you wonder “Why do they always like boxes so much?”. 

We understand just how much your pet can mean to you. That’s why we offer protection that is designed to suit you and your pets needs. 

What is Cat Insurance? 

Cat Insurance is in fact the same policy as our other Pet Insurance products, whether you have a cat or dog. The only difference is if you take out Pet Insurance for your cat then you won’t receive third party liability insurance, which only applies to dogs.

Why do I need Cat Insurance?

The curiosity of cats is legendary, they just love to climb and explore. But this can get them in to tricky situations. If your cat falls or has a road accident it can be extremely costly to give them the care they need. 

In addition, some cats may experience ongoing medical conditions, such as allergies or diabetes, which can mean more trips to the vet. Cat Insurance (excluding Accident Only) can ensure you and your pet are covered for new and ongoing conditions with either our 12 Month or Lifetime options (the policy must remain in force and cover limits apply).

What does Cat Insurance cover?

We give you a choice of cover to help protect your cat, offering up to £10,000 in veterinary fees, per year, with our most comprehensive Lifetime policy. 

We know how distressing it can be if your cat goes missing, therefore we provide cover for advertising and a reward. We also offer a Vet Finder service, Pet Funeral Cover, and a Bereavement Helpline to help you cope in difficult circumstances.

As with all pet insurance limitations and exclusions apply, full product details can be found within the Key Documents section

Our Pet insurance is Underwritten by Fairmead Insurance Limited, part of the Liverpool Victoria General Insurance Group