Kittens are mischievous, fluffy bundles of fun who need lots of TLC. We’re here to help you make sure they have the cover they need for the very best start in life.

What is Kitten Insurance?

Kitten Insurance is in fact the same policy as our Cat Insurance policy. Just make sure your kitten is at least 8 weeks old at the start of the policy and that it's been vaccinated as per your vet's recommended schedule once it's old enough.

Why do I need Kitten Insurance?

Their inquisitive nature means kittens will be keen to start exploring the great outdoors.

Our Kitten Insurance can give you the reassurance that should your kitten have an accident, get lost, get in to a fight with another cat, or develop an illness, you’ll be protected.

What does Kitten Insurance cover?

We offer Kitten Insurance from just eight weeks of age and with six levels of cover – you’ll get up to £10,000 in veterinary fees, per year, with our most comprehensive Lifetime policy.

A missing kitten can be very distressing for the whole family, which is why we provide cover for advertising and a reward (excluding Accident Only). We also offer a Vet Finder service, to help you register your kitten with a vet for the first time, and we provide Pet Funeral cover and a Bereavement Helpline should the worst happen. 

Our Pet insurance is Underwritten by Fairmead Insurance Limited, part of the Liverpool Victoria General Insurance Group.