Dog IQ test - how intelligent is your dog?

We all think our dogs are special, but have you considered how intelligent your dog is?

They’re valued members of our family – in many cases our ‘children’. Sure, they’re disobedient at times, but they also worship us, and therefore have impeccable taste. However, setting aside bias and mutual admiration, have you considered how intelligent your dog is?With this in mind, we’ve developed our own set of treat-based tasks (no laboratory conditions needed) requiring a few household items and a willing furry participant.  It’s just for fun there’s no prize, see how you get on.

Dog IQ test video

To carry out this task, you'll need:
1 x family dog. (If you own more than one, why not encourage a little sibling rivalry by giving them both a go?)
1 x large towel
3 x cups (non-breakable are recommended)
1 x low coffee table or barrier
1 x bag of your dog’s favourite treats
1 x stopwatch

Task 1: The Cups
Show your dog the treat as you place it under one of the cups. With your dog distracted elsewhere (balls, cats and squirrels are useful here), rearrange the cups, then bring your dog back and time how long it takes to find the treat. 


3 points: Goes to the correct cup immediately
2 points: Finds the treat in under a minute
1 point: Success in under two minutes

Bonus point: Your dog knocks over all cups simultaneously. Which, let’s be honest, takes a certain amount of skill.


Task 2: The Towel
Place a treat on the ground and cover it with a towel. Time how long it takes for your dog to retrieve the treat from under the towel. 


3 points: Less than 30 second
2 points: 30‑00 seconds
1 point: Longer than 60 seconds

Bonus point: Your dog attempts to eat the treat through the towel


Task 3: The Lowdown
For this task you’ll need to place the treat under a low table or barrier. Ideally your dog should only be able to reach the treat with its paw, not its snout. Be sure to weigh the barrier down so it can’t be easily knocked over. 


3 points: Retrieves the treat using its paw in under one minute
2 points: Retrieves the treat using its paw in under three minutes
1 point: Retrieves the treat but uses its snout

Bonus point: Your dog fails to retrieve the treat but performs a graceful jump over the barrier


The Results
9 points: Perfect score. Think about enrolling your dog in some short courses or assigning it basic chores around the house.

7-8 points: Impressive stuff. A certificate or badge for its bedroom wall wouldn’t be inappropriate.

4-6 points: A solid effort and still worthy of bragging rights down at the local park. Top that Rex!

1-3 points: Every dog has its off day. It doesn’t mean they’re any less special. But you didn’t need a test to tell you that.


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