What are the benefits of Multi-Pet Insurance?

With more furry friends in our lives comes increased spending. Food, training, assorted treats and those inevitable vet bills can end up costing a lot of money. Which is why we’re doing our bit to help you save on insurance through our multi-pet discount. 

  • 10% discount
  • No limit on the number of pets you insure with us

What pets are covered under Multi-Pet Insurance?

Our Pet Insurance offers cover for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies. So, you can take out a policy for multiple dog insurance, for multiple cat insurance, or for a combination of multiple cat and dog insurance.

What Multi-Pet Insurance options are available?

We have three types of pet insurance policy: Lifetime, 12 Month and Accident Only. Within these policies there are six different levels of benefit limit to choose from, helping you get the most appropriate level of cover for your pets. Our multi-pet insurance discount applies to all of them.

  • Lifetime is our most comprehensive policy. It provides cover for new conditions or accidents that occur over the course of your pet’s whole lifetime as long as the policy is renewed. 
  • 12 Month policy provides cover for the twelve months after a condition occurs as long as the policy remains in force.  Your pet has 12 months cover from the onset of each new condition and once the financial limit has been reached or 12 months has passed, whichever is sooner. Where it differs from Lifetime cover is that any on-going treatment required as a result of this condition after the 12 months or, if under 12 months, in excess of the financial limit is excluded.  Any condition, illness, injury or accident that falls under these terms will now be treated as a pre-existing conditions, with no further cover. 
  • Accident Only covers your pet’s treatment in case of an accident up to the cover limit. 

You can compare our Lifetime and 12 Month pet insurance policies here.

How do I qualify for Multi-Pet Insurance?

Quite simply, the named policy holder and the registered address need to be the same for each pet insured. When you add your second, third or more pets at inception the multi pet discount will automatically apply. You can add your second pet – or third or more – at a later date by contacting Sales on 0800 197 0881 to ensure you get your discount. (Calls may be monitored and recorded).

If the number of pets you have insured with us falls to just one, the multi-pet discount will be honoured for the remainder of that policy year, however it won’t be included in the renewal offer. 

If you add a second or further pet after you insure your first pet, the multi-pet discount for the first pet won’t be applied until the next renewal. 

If you have a policy with us you must buy any subsequent policies direct online, by telephone, or a price comparison site to qualify for multi-pet discount.