What is a Cash-Out Retirement Plan?

Choosing our Cash-Out Retirement Plan means you’ll get a regular income over your chosen period of between 3 and 25 years. Our Cash-Out Retirement Plan does not provide an income for life. To apply, you must be aged between 55 and 85 and have at least £10,000 left in your pension pot, after you’ve taken any tax-free cash.

Our Cash-Out Retirement Plan can be tailored to suit your retirement needs. Please be aware, the options you pick will affect the level of income you’ll get.

Making well-informed decisions about financing your retirement is important so it’s worth shopping around and using available guidance and advice, before you buy. Other providers may have more appropriate products or be able to offer a higher level of retirement income.

  • Choose the length of your plan
  • Get a fixed income
  • Could be used as an income top-up



  • Secure and guaranteed income

    A guaranteed, regular income you can plan around with confidence.

  • Gives you control

    You can choose the number of years you receive an income for and the amount, to suit your specific needs

  • Payment options

    We can pay you  monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly and either at the start (in advance) or at the end (in arrears) of  the month or year

  • Manage your tax exposure

    In most circumstances, it offers a more tax efficient way to take cash from your pension pot rather than taking it all in one go.

  • Options to support your dependants

    You can choose to have your income paid to a loved one, in the event you die during the plan.

    Full details on these features are in the Key Features

  • Am I eligible?

    You must be aged between 55 and 85 and have at least £10,000 left in a pension pot to buy one after you’ve taken your tax-free cash.

  • I want to take the full pension pot as income

    You can use this product to take your full pension pot as income, tax efficiently, over a set period of time. You don’t have to use your whole pension pot if you don’t want to though.

  • I want security from risks

    Your income is guaranteed and is not affected by the performance of the investment markets or economy. Your income is guaranteed for the length of the plan.  

  • Tax-free cash

    You can take up to 25% of your pension pot as tax-free cash. If you don’t take the tax-free cash at the start of your plan, you can’t take it later.

  • Taxable income

    Payments will be taxed as income, which could affect any benefits you claim. The amount of tax you pay on income from the plan will depend on your circumstances, and may change based on your income tax rate.

  • When it's gone, it's gone

    If you don’t have another source of income later, this may not be for you.

  • Mind out for inflation

    You’ll get the same income every year. This means, with inflation, it may not buy as much in the future.

  • With security comes less flexibility

    You won't be able to change the amount you get, but if your circumstances change you may be able to cash it in or transfer it to another pension product.

  • No options later

    Unlike a Fixed Term Retirement Plan, you won't have a lump sum at the end, to make new choices later in life. Your income stops at the end of the plan.

  • Health risks not recognised

    If you or your dependant has a health or lifestyle risk, a Pension Annuity, or products that take your health into account, may offer a higher income.