Now the Brexit Transition date 31st December 2020 has passed. There is some information we need to ensure you are aware of.

This change will not impact your policy. We'll continue to service your policy and provide you with the benefits of the policy, which was taken out prior to the UK leaving the EU.

If you're an Italian resident, you can find more information on our decidated page.

Italian residents


If you have an overseas bank account you might need to change your banking arrangements

If your annuity payments are paid into a UK bank account, you should have received a separate letter from us about this in December 2020, as we became aware of reports that some UK banks and building societies intended to close the accounts of customers who lived in the EEA. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to review your banking arrangements to ensure we're able to continue to pay you, now that the Brexit Transition has completed.

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