What is a lifetime mortgage?

Designed exclusively for homeowners aged 55 or over, it’s a loan that’s secured against your home. It lets you release a lump sum, tax-free, without having to move or downsize. This will reduce the equity left in your home and the value of any unprotected inheritance. 

The interest rate is fixed for the duration of the loan. There are no monthly payments to make – in fact, it’s typically only repaid once the last remaining borrower dies or moves into long-term care. A lifetime mortgage may affect your entitlement to means-tested benefits. There may be cheaper ways to borrow money.

Take out a lifetime mortgage before
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How much could I release?

How much you can release from your property depends on your age and your property’s value. To find out how much you may be able to release, why not try our free, easy-to-use equity release calculator:

Equity release calculator

This calculator helps you see how much equity you could release with a lifetime mortgage, a loan secured against your home. We'll ask you to register your details so we can show you the calculation, then give you a call.

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This is a guide to the lifetime mortgage products we offer, and not advice or a personal recommendation. You can only buy a lifetime mortgage through a financial adviser.

We use your address to look up your property ahead of our call, to assist you with your enquiry.