People sometimes think about giving away some of their savings, income or property to reduce the amount they’ll need to pay towards their care. But a local authority can refuse to pay for your care or ask you to repay care costs if they believe you’ve done this. Here, we explain everything you need to know.



Protecting your money from the cost of care: the facts

Next steps

When you're ready to start looking at types of care, you can start by asking friends and family for any services or care homes they would recommend, or search online. Our top tips for finding the best quality care can also help.

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Need help?

Understand your options

Knowing your options before you need them can help you get the right care at the right time.

Find local help to you

Whether you need some help at home, or want to find out more about Care Homes in your area, our Finding Care tool can help.

Need legal advice?

Solicitors for the Elderly are an independent specialist group of lawyers who support and make a difference to  older people. They may be able to help you with Power of Attorney and Deputyship.