Many of us like to plan ahead to our next holiday, whether that’s a weekend away or enjoying a longer break with friends or family.

For some, there’s nothing like escaping to the sunshine overseas. For others, exploring the UK and enjoying the unpredictable weather is more to their taste.

If you favour the latter, have you thought about making your next trip on a canal boat, or investing in a static caravan as a second home to escape to?

We share three alternative holiday options that offer freedom and flexibility, and could create some special holiday memories.

Explore the UK with a motorhome

A motorhome gives you the opportunity to venture to any destination you want, whenever you want, whilst bringing you privacy and all the home comforts you need.

As well as freedom, a motorhome can offer you quality time with your loved ones. It provides you with a unique setting for a memorable trip, whether you’re travelling with your partner or you’ve got the whole family (pets included!) in tow, there’s a type of motorhome for everyone.

You can also follow your own schedule, setting off when you’re ready, and you won’t have to share the journey with strangers. You’re bound to be less stressed than when you have to catch a ferry or a plane, which involves a much longer process once you’ve arrived at the airport. This way, you simply drive to your holiday destination. And once you get there, you don’t have to waste time unpacking or pitching a tent - time better spent exploring your new surroundings.

You’ll need to plan your route beforehand so you can book your pitch for the night. Whether you stay in a different campsite or caravan park every night as you follow a route around Scotland, or you’re travelling to a specific destination where you intend to stay for a week like the New Forest, you’ll be able to find all the information you need online.

You can really make your motorhome a ‘home away from home’ with personalisations and adaptations, and you can make sure it’s always ready to go, whether you fancy an impromptu weekend away or a month-long road trip around the British coast.

If you’re uncertain about taking the plunge to buy a motorhome, you can always look into hiring one first, to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Take to the water with your very own river boat

River boats have become a popular way to holiday in recent years, and for good reason. As well as giving you the opportunity to explore a new place every day, you also have the choice of whether to stay for longer in an area you’re particularly fond of. You’ll need to book your mooring spot in advance and plan your route in the same way you would if you were driving and staying in holiday lets, but taking to the waters offers a new perspective to travel by.

River boats provide an intimate setting for a holiday, and offer a slow-paced break from everyday life. If you like the thought of buying a boat, it’s important to consider things such as size, running costs and type of river boat. The size and type will depend largely on where you’ll be going, as some rivers and canals can get really narrow. It’s best to plan your potential routes before investing, so you can be sure of the features you’re looking for.

Before you can use your river boat, you’ll need a cruising licence, a Boat Safety Certificate and insurance. It’s recommended to use a professional surveyor with a marine engineering background to help you determine the quality of boat you’re interested in.

Enjoy your own personal retreat with a static caravan

If you like the idea of returning to a familiar destination for your holidays, static caravans are a flexible and comfortable way to spend a week or two, and give you the option of earning some extra income when you’re not using them. Often situated on the coast, a caravan offers the relaxation and respite synonymous with the seaside.

Buying a static caravan means you can tailor them inside and out, creating a unique and comfortable space for you and your family. You can add garden space, decorate the walls and add your own home comforts. Personalising your caravan means your holidays are tailored to suit your needs, which allows you to get the maximum comfort out of your stay.

You could also earn money by renting your caravan out when you’re not using it. Whether you offer a discounted rate to friends and family, or sublet via the caravan park’s service, you can decide when to hire out your second home and how much for. Just make sure you have insurance, up-to-date safety records, and request a deposit to cover any potential damage.

One of the great things about holidaying in a static caravan is the community spirit. It’s very likely that you’ll be around like-minded couples, whether they’re new to it all as well or they’ve been caravanning for years. Caravan parks usually host events like live music, quiz nights and more, so you can choose between entertainment and socialising, or relaxing in peace.

If you’re thinking about travelling in the UK this year, investing in a ‘home away from home’ could be right for you. Whether that’s enjoying your home comforts in a motorhome or static caravan, or taking to the water in a river boat, why not explore somewhere new from a different perspective?

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