Keeping active at home

Exercise is proven to be one of the best things for our minds and bodies. However if you’re at home for most of the day, it may be difficult to find ways (or the motivation!) to keep physically active.

Standing up

Next time you read a book, complete a puzzle, or do something on your tablet or laptop, consider standing up if you can. Standing up can burn calories, improve blood circulation and help with posture. Always start with simple exercises and if you need something to lean on, think about piling a few books on top of a dining table or kitchen counter.

Sitting down

If standing up is difficult for you, there are many exercises using a chair you can do while sitting down. Even seated exercises can go a long way in maintaining your fitness.

You can find some gentle exercises to do at home like leg exercises while sitting down or simple thigh exercises along with a few great chair exercises on the NHS website, as well as on the website of our charity partner, the Royal Voluntary Service.

Online classes

There are lots of workout tutorials, online classes and helpful exercise videos on YouTube, the  video-sharing website. . If you want to exercise using a video, it’s best to set up your laptop or tablet at a safe distance in front of you while you follow the on-screen instructions.

Do what you love

You’ll get more from your exercise if you do something you enjoy. Find something that works for you – whether it’s a structured exercise class, or tending to plants in your garden.

Keep a routine

Whatever you choose to do, try to stick to it - whether that’s once a day, or twice a week. Don’t push yourself too hard to reach goals that may be unrealistic, but instead try to form achievable, healthy habits and make a simple exercise plan.