Finding lost pensions

You might be surprised how easy it is to forget about a pension or to lose track of its whereabouts.

If you have mislaid the paperwork or realised you haven’t heard from a pension provider for years, there are straightforward ways to trace your money and we've provided a useful guide to assist you.

Handy guide to finding a lost pension

With many of us changing jobs more than ever before, it’s no wonder there are so many forgotten pension accounts in the UK.

it is estimated there are more than £9.5 BILLION in lost pension benefits in the UK. Make sure you keep track of yours so you can claim it when you retire.

Do you have a lost pension pot from your past?

If you have lost track of a pension pot there is help out there.

Write down the dates and contact details of the companies you had pensions with. If you have all the information then contact the pension provider directly to find how much there is in your pension pot.

If you have a company pension taken out after 1978, it may have taken over part of your state pension – known as contracting out. If this could be the case for you, call the National Insurance contracted out PENSIONS HELPLINE who may be able to help you.

Get in touch with the PENSION TRACING SERVICE to help you find the addresses and details you need. They can also help you locate or trace any pensions that you may have lost or misplaced.

You can also call them to track down unclaimed personal or workplace pensions for deceased relatives. It’s possible that their estate or a surviving partner/relative could be eligible to claim a percentage.

If you don’t have current details for companies you worked at, use the online search tool at COMPANIES HOUSE website to find their last known address details.

Otherwise speak to the PENSION PROTECTION FUND  – if employers go under, then these are the guys who take over the final salary funds.

If your previous company has disappeared, where possible, get in touch with the scheme trustees or scheme administrator in the first instance.

When you have the details you need, contact the pension provider directly to find out how much there is in that pension pot and change the contact details they have for you so they can keep you updated.

You have found your lost pensions! £££