17 November 2017

Is it time to get a pet?

When you retire, introducing a four-legged friend into your family may be the perfect way to help you stay fit and healthy. Faithful and friendly, the right dog or cat (or even bird!) may also be ideal company as you grow older.

Some people say their worries disappear when they get a pet. It must be said though, it’s still wise to be sensible about the pet you choose. Larger breeds of dog, for example, do need a lot of exercise. And there are costs involved too, such as vet bills and pet insurance.

On the plus side though, the right pet can bring you great joy and happiness. Many people say that talking to, stroking, or just interacting with a pet can improve our mood. If you live alone, a pet also may be the perfect companion to help improve your physical health – a daily walk together is a good reason to get out and about regularly, to socialise and get a little exercise every day. 

So, if you’re thinking about getting a new pet to live with you, how about helping one that’s in need of a new home? There are animal shelters all over the country and national organisations such as the RSPCA keep their adoption lists up-to-date online.

TIP:  It’s a good idea to notify friends and relatives that you’re getting a pet. Plan ahead: give them a copy of your pet’s care instructions and let them know what your vet’s contact details are – just in case you ever need to take a short break.And, if you’re finding it a bit hard to cope with a pet at the moment (it can happen without you realising it), remember, the RSPCA is always happy to give you free advice.