Managing property risk

Managing property risk so that you can make informed lending decisions is central to our valuation service.

Throughout the valuation process there are built-in checks and balances to ensure the final report is as accurate as possible.

Desktop valuation:

  • Data-led desktop valuation service
  • You set your lending criteria

Assisted AVM:

  • You set the suitability criteria you require
  • Risk mitigation checks include JBA Flood Check and BGS Check
  • We work with your choice of AVM provider


  • Every report, for both desktop and physical valuations, is scanned for potential omissions based on your lending criteria
  • Any highlighted reports are reviewed by a case handler
  • All done without disrupting the customer journey

Nexus Post Valuation Query system

  • Allows you to monitor the status of your valuations in real time and streamlines your operational journey
  • Reducing PVQs can save time spent on calls and emails

New Build Exposure Monitoring

  • Specialist new build service
  • Identifies lending risk and opportunity for additional lending
  • Uses data and insight to manage risk exposure
  • Team of experts available to support you

Energy efficiency

We have long championed the need to review energy efficiency factors within the valuation process so we can provide future risk mitigation. As such, the information we provide during the valuation process comes from:

  • A wide range of data sources including, subsidence, mining, EPC
  • Partnerships with leading experts for latest evidence and guidance
  • Impact versus probability split to assess risk and insurability
  • Analysis of flood data

We continually review changes to government policy and share our knowledge with all our valuation partners.