What is Annual Travel Insurance? 

Annual multi-trip Travel Insurance gives you the ease of travelling throughout the year without having to get new cover each time you go. Annual Travel Insurance is a good option if you’re a regular traveller or you have a few holidays planned. But if you’re just planning a one-off holiday and don’t travel often, Single Trip Travel Insurance could be the right cover for you. 

Do I need Annual Travel Insurance?

If you’ve got lots of city breaks, beach holidays or remote adventures planned, annual travel insurance will cover you for unforeseen events like delays and cancellations, emergency medical treatment and lost or stolen possessions. Annual multi-trip travel insurance is a great way to save money compared with booking each trip individually, whether you’re travelling on your own or with family. As an adult, you can insure up to 6 children aged 17 and under with our annual holiday insurance. 

What does Annual multi-trip Travel Insurance cover?

With annual multi-trip Travel Insurance, you can take as many trips as you like in the UK or further afield (excluding Australia and New Zealand where cover is available as Single Trip only) as long as each visit is 31 days or under (Bronze cover), 45 days (Silver cover) or 62 days (Gold cover). The level of cover you get for events like cancellations, loss of passport or personal injury depends on whether you take out a Bronze, Silver or Gold policy. 

Our Travel Insurance is sold and administered by Hood Travel Limited and underwritten by AWP P&C SA. Together, we provide a range of products with a variety of cover options for you to choose from.