About my policy

The information displayed in the following frequently asked questions section only covers some of the cover and exclusions in our Travel Insurance policy.

For more details of what is and isn’t covered, please read your Travel Insurance Policy Wording and the Insurance product information documents in our key documents section.

For further information about our Travel Insurance product or getting a Travel Insurance quote, please refer to our Frequently asked questions about our Travel Insurance product and Frequently asked questions about getting a quote.

Legal & General Travel Insurance is sold and administered by Hood Travel Limited and underwritten by AWP P&C SA.

When will my cover start?

Your insurance cover will start from the date you have specified when purchasing your policy. This will be displayed on your Legal & General Travel Insurance Policy Schedule. Please make sure that you check this to ensure that it is correct.

What if I need to make a claim?

The telephone number, email address and postal address for the Claims Department can be found at our making a Travel Insurance claim page.  Make sure you have your policy reference number when you contact the claims team.

What if I need to make a claim whilst i'm abroad?

You can contact our claims line on: UK +44 (0)800 107 5564

Email: legalandgeneral@allianz-assistance.co.uk

If you need emergency medical assistance you can call: UK +44 (0)208 666 9315

Our UK-based, English speaking staff will be on the end of the phone in case of an emergency.

Call charges will vary. Calls may be recorded and monitored.

Am I covered for a skiing holiday?

Only if you buy our Winter Sports cover option when you choose your cover. If you choose to include our Winter Sports cover option, you will see this detailed in your policy schedule. Please ensure you read the PDF file: Travel Insurance Policy Wording PDF size: 286KB to see exactly what is and isn't covered for when selecting this cover.

Do I have to take my insurance documents with me on holiday?

Make sure that you take all of your insurance documents with you when you travel in case they are needed whilst you're abroad. Alternatively, if you have internet access abroad you may be able to view your documents if you have received them by email.

Can I cancel my policy after i've paid?

You may cancel this policy within 14 days of receipt of the policy documents for new business and for annual policies the renewal date. Any premium already paid will be refunded to you providing you’ve not travelled, no claim has been made, or is intended to be made and all documents have been sent back to us.

You can contact Legal & General Travel Insurance Sales and Support Team by calling 0370 060 0344 or emailing legalandgeneral@hoodtravel.co.uk

You may cancel this policy at any time after the 14 days, but no premium refund will be made.

See General Conditions applicable to the whole policy in the PDF file: Travel Insurance Policy Wording PDF size: 286KB for full details.

What am I not covered for?

The key exclusions relating to this policy are detailed in the PDF file: Gold: Insurance Product Information Document PDF size: 352KB .

It's recommended that you read the PDF file: Travel Insurance Policy Wording PDF size: 286KB in full where you will find a list of exclusions under each section ‘What you are not covered for’ as well as the general exclusions. These sections must not be read in isolation, but within the context of the full Policy Wording.

If you're unsure about whether or not you are covered for something in particular you should contact our Customer Service team on 0370 060 0344. Call charges will vary. Calls may be recorded and monitored.

Do the limits apply per person, or per policy?

Each person named on the policy is covered separately up to the limits shown in the policy schedule. The policy limits apply in the same way as they would if you had each taken separate policies.

Will the Travel Insurance cover for my medical condition?

Before you buy a policy, we ask you to confirm if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. This medical screening will take place whether you phone in to purchase your policy or whether you purchase online, therefore you must make us aware of any medical conditions you have if they haven't already been noted on the policy. Some medical conditions are not covered by us and you should complete all the medical screening questions in full to ensure that you can be covered.

If you are unable to find your medical condition on the list of conditions then please contact our Legal & General Travel Sales team on 0800 197 6829 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

Calls may be recorded and monitored.

What happens if my medical conditions change after I've purchased a policy?

You should contact the Legal & General Travel Insurance Sales and Support Team to update your policy by calling 0370 060 0344 or email legalandgeneral@hoodtravel.co.uk if:

  • you need to declare a medical condition;
  • you develop a medical condition after your policy was issued;
  • your existing condition changes after your policy was issued;
  • you are unsure whether a medical condition needs to be declared or not.

Call charges will vary. Calls may be recorded and monitored.

If your details have changed and you travel without informing us of the changes then we may be unable to honour certain claims which arise.

What happens when I need to renew my Annual Multi-Trip policy?

By purchasing this policy you have provided us with the consent to set up a continuous payment authority. This means we are authorised to automatically renew your policy and apply for renewal payments from your account every year, even if your card has expired, until you instruct us to stop.

If you have chosen to automatically renew your policy each year and you are still eligible for cover, we will write to you at least 21 days before your policy expires with your renewal terms. If you have not told us to cancel the policy, we will collect the renewal premium from the card you have previously authorised us to use.

The policy renewal is made on the understanding that:

  • You have made us aware of any changes to your personal contact details.
  • If you need to tell us about any changes or you no longer want to renew your policy, please contact the Legal & General Travel

Insurance Sales and Support Team by calling 0370 060 0344 or emailing legalandgeneral@hoodtravel.co.uk

Please note

The policy is not available for anyone aged 79 or over. If you reach this age during the period of insurance, cover will not be renewed.

Am I insured for holidays in the UK?

Yes, if you've purchased an annual Multi-Trip policy. Trips within your home country must be for at least two nights and have pre-booked transport or accommodation or be more than 25 miles from your home (unless it involves a sea crossing).

Will my policy cover business trips?

Our insurance only covers leisure trips. If you're travelling for business you will not be covered.

What happens if my journey home is delayed and my policy expires in that time?

If you cannot finish your journey as planned because of death, injury or illness or there is a delay to the public transport system that cannot be avoided, we will extend cover free of charge until you can reasonably finish that journey.