Making your own investment choices

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to making your own investment decisions, and Your guide to how your funds are managed can help you with this. It explains:

  • what a fund is and the different things that a fund invests in (known as assets)
  • the key principles we follow when managing our funds
  • what happens when an unexpected event occurs

You can also invest in a lifestyle profile. We explain what this means in Your Investment options.

The trustees will sometimes review the funds available to you and may decide to add or remove funds.

All the funds are managed by professional fund managers:

  • If you choose a fund that’s managed by an external fund manager, your contributions will still be invested in a Legal & General fund.
  • Legal & General will invest the money that you’ve invested with them in a fund that’s managed by Threadneedle (this is known as the ‘authorised fund’).

Please remember that neither the trustees, your employer or Legal & General are providing financial advice. If you want to change how your savings are invested, you may want to speak to a qualified financial adviser. Remember advisers will usually charge for their services. To find an adviser in your local area go to