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Supporting your family

Some of us will need to make important decisions about how to best support family members. Here you can find information on supporting a loved one who may require care, who is attending higher education or who needs help from the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’.

It can be such a worry when someone important to you needs extra help, but you don’t have to cope alone. Find out about the services that can support you and find a care provider.

If you or a loved one needs support, the local authority might help with the costs of care. Find out more about the financial needs assessment.

Tuition fees have continued to grab the news headlines in the UK. Here we take a closer look at the ins and outs of tuition fees and student loans.

It’s important we give children the tools to manage and understand money & teach them the value of a pound as early as possible to set them up for success. Find out more about ways that you can help your children to learn about money.

The end of a marriage or civil partnership can be a difficult time, especially if you have children. Many decisions will need to be made about your family, your finances and any property you may own.