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Do you need to borrow money? Are you looking to pay off your debts early? Or are you in a debt crisis right now? Here we provide key information for you to think about before making a decision and where you can go for free help and advice.

Here we look at some key questions to ask yourself before you borrow money.

Here we look at the different types of borrowing that might be available to you.

If your debts are becoming unmanageable or you’re facing an emergency like court action or eviction, you’re not alone. There’s free help to support you.

Use this tool to get a list of free online and telephone-based debt advice. You can also enter your postcode and find free face-to-face debt advice in your local area.

If your financial situation seems like it's unmanageable then it might be a good idea to seek advice. In this short guide we take you through some options you have to manage your debt.