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If you're more than 10 years away from retiring then this section is for you.

It doesn't matter whether you're a money newbie or a money master, we've got some useful information, tools and simple 'jobs to do' to help you make your savings work for you and keep you on track.

There are three key questions to tackle:

  • What will my retirement look like?
  • How much income will I need to pay for it – and is that realistic?
  • What do I need to do to keep on track?

What will your retirement look like?

You may not have thought much about what your retirement might look like yet. That's ok, you don't need to have a solid plan just yet. But it's useful to have an idea of what different lifestyles might look like and how much they might cost so that you can make sure your savings are working hard for your future.

So what will your lifestyle be like? You may have a rough idea about:

  • When and how you'd like to wind down working life, if at all. Scale down your hours? Do something completely different? Start a business from a hobby? Do some voluntary work?
  • What you'd like to do with your time. Travel? Live abroad? Learn to surf? Become an artist? Spend time with the grandkids?
  • Whether you'll have obligations when you reach retirement. Mortgage? Rent? Debts? Loved ones needing help with care? Kids or grandkids needing help to get on the property ladder?
  • Where you'll live. Stay where you are? Move closer to family? Move abroad? A shared house with friends? A retirement village?

What do different lifestyles cost?

We've got some tools to help you get a quick idea of what different lifestyles might cost.

The Retirement Living Standards from the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) show you practical guidance to help you work out what your retirement might cost based on three lifestyles.

The guidance describes three different standards of living: minimum, moderate and comfortable and provide you with information about the costs in retirement and cover everyday living expenses and lifestyle choices such as your home, food and transport, holidays and leisure and helping others like buying birthday presents.

Create a custom lifestyle with our ‘How much will you need in retirement?’ tool.

If you're within 10 years of your retirement, or just want to be more specific right now, head over to our Go&Retire section.

What do I need to do to keep on track?

Now that you've thought about what your retirement lifestyle might look like and what it might cost, you need to think about how you'll get there.

Good news! You're already on the road to your colourful retirement with your Legal & General workplace pension. The State Pension will also be an important part of your planning as it will go some way to meeting the minimum Retirement Living Standard lifestyle.

If you're new to pensions, don't worry we've put together some introductions to help get you up to speed.

There are many ways you can save for your retirement. If you're new to pensions, we've put together an introduction to get you up to speed.

The State Pension is an important part of planning your retirement. Find out how it works and where you can find out what you'll get and when, in this short guide.

Your retirement plan and your pension will need some love in order to get you closer to your goal but it needn't be time consuming. Find out more about the 'key jobs to do'.

Planning your retirement is probably the most important aspect of financial planning for you to consider. Our free course with The Open University will help.

Midlife can be busy, but it’s the ideal time to reflect on your wealth, work and wellbeing. Our new free course with The Open University will help.