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My wellbeing

Wellbeing can mean different things to different people

For some it’s about mental health and wellbeing, others it’s about physical health and fitness, and for some financial wellbeing can be the priority. Often it’s a mix of all three.

One in five of us lose sleep worrying about money, so it’s easy to see how financial worries can affect your mental wellbeing. 

Whether you’re planning for your future, dealing with the day-to-day or have an unexpected life event to deal with, we want to help you make a positive difference to your life no matter what stage you’re at. We’ve grouped some key areas together to help you get started.

Delivery man on scooter, man with shopping bag, woman with supermarket trolley, man adding petrol to car

Life can be very stressful when your day-to-day money is not under control. Whatever your situation, there are some small steps you can take today to get you on track and we’re here to help give you the tools and confidence to take them.

Woman and falling tree, man in wheelchair with broken leg, man in flooded house, woman fixing broken down car

Sometimes things just happen out of nowhere like a broken down car or a change in your circumstances. Unplanned life events can have a longer-term impact on your financial and mental wellbeing. Preparing in advance can help you manage these shocks.

Man with sheers cutting bush, pregnant couple and new home, man looking at plane in sky, mum and daughter pointing to graduate in robes

Whatever your dreams you need a plan to get there. These planned for life events can seem like an impossible dream, but breaking it all down into smaller manageable steps can make it feel easier and you’ll have milestones to celebrate along the way.

Man walking dog, couple reading paper on bench, mum and boy doing yoga, dad and daughter playing football

Mental ill-health can happen at any time and can affect us all. You are not alone and there’s lots of free support and help available to you including free helplines, tools to assess your mood and get tailored plans to help you.