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Support my mental wellbeing

Mental health is the way we think and feel and our ability to deal with ups and downs. Mental health is something we all have and mental ill-health can happen at any time and can affect us all. 

Your mental health can suffer for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes this is short term and we work it out eventually. But sometimes it can be longer term or a more serious issue and we need some help to recover. 

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Although it can be difficult to take that first step, remember that you are not alone and there’s lots of free support and help available to you."

We’ve brought together a list of useful resources and links to help you get started. They include free helplines to support you now, tools to assess how you are feeling and get tailored plans to help you and lots of resources and tips to help support good mental health. 


Mind is a mental health charity that provides a free helpline and lots of useful resources to help. Visit Mind’s Get help now page where they provide quick links to emergency advice and other helplines, crisis coping tools and how to ask your doctor for help.  

They also have resources if you are seeking help for someone else. 


A very good source of information and support is the NHS Every Mind Matters website. There are practical guides to managing mental health issues as well as signposts to organisations and helplines that could make a huge difference to your emotional wellbeing.

The NHS mood self-assessment tool is a quick tool to help you assess how you’re feeling and get support.

The NHS audio guides give practical tips to boost your mood (maximum 10 mins long) and lots of useful resources for a range of mental health topics such as stress, anxiety, feeling lonely, grief, anger, low self –esteem and depression.

You might also like to try the NHS Mind Plan Quiz to get tips and advice tailored to support your needs. Just answer five questions to get your personalised mind plan from Public Health England to help you get through.

Your employer

If you’re in need of support your employer may have a wellbeing or mental health policy that can help you.

Look out for Employee Assistance programmes where you can get free advice and help or you may have mental health first aiders that can support you.