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Celebrating World Wellbeing Week

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Wellbeing hacks as we emerge from the pandemic

The pandemic has revealed a capacity for change never before thought possible, with people adapting mentally and physically. It has brought with it new ways of thinking and has also challenged our resilience - with one word on everyone’s lips being ‘wellbeing’.

World Wellbeing Week (WWW), which runs in the last week of June each year, aims to raise awareness about wellbeing, its importance in society and in the workplace.

At Legal & General, the Workplace Financial Wellbeing team, along with guest speakers, ran an engaging and interactive webinar looking at the four pillars of wellbeing, and gave useful hints and tips to help us all look after ourselves and ensure we’re best equipped to move forward no matter what life throws at us.

The pillars of wellbeing


Anthony Lockyer, one of Legal & General’s mental health first aiders, gave us some coping mechanisms and tips on how to keep our minds well in challenging times and how to transform those difficult moments into something positive.


Alvin Nurse, fitness coach and personal trainer at Diet Free Lifestyle Experiment, provided some helpful tips and ideas to help us increase our physical activity, and how to integrate exercise into our daily routines and the associated health benefits.


Dave Stott from the Royal Voluntary Service walked through how we can go about integrating ourselves back into society after months of lockdown and the benefits of volunteering.


Anna Living, from the Financial Wellbeing team, shared some ideas and hacks on how to make money work harder over the short term and ensure we’re able to take control over the longer term with a clear sense of direction and a plan in place.

Top tips from our attendees

Saving money

Check out the ‘Too good to go' app. Local cafes, restaurants and shops sell reduced priced food packages throughout the day and evenings to avoid food wastage :)


I do a weekly meal plan and shop online so that I don't overspend in the shops or get tempted by the end of aisle gondolas.


If you are looking to buy a new car there is a fantastic app called ‘Carwow’ which will provide quotes from many garages.

There’s also lots of support and useful information available on this site, Go&Live, our award-winning financial wellbeing hub. You can also access Go&Live via your pension scheme website.

Remember to look out for future Legal & General events via your employer too.

Questions from the day

Q I’m finding it hard to concentrate and feel over-whelmed much of the time. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can get further help?

The ‘Support my mental wellbeing’ area on the Go&Live hub is a good place to start.

There’s a list of useful resources and links to help you get started. They include free helplines to support you now, tools to access how you are feeling and get tailored plans to help you and lots of resources and tips to help support good mental health.

Find out whether your employer has an employee assistance programmes where you can get free advice and help or is there a mental health first aider that can support you?

Other options include reaching out to a close friend, family member or a colleague.

Q I’m feeling anxious about integrating into society after ‘freedom day’. Do you have any tips on how I go about this?

Check out some of Anthony’s tips and coping mechanisms via the presentation deck or live recording.

Start going out for a walk once every couple days to get used to seeing people from a distance.

Get back into the habit of smiling and making eye contact, rather than leaping into the nearest hedge when someone approaches.

Work up to exercising every day and try striking up a conversation with someone you don't know - even from a few metres away.

Once you feel more comfortable, think about re-engaging with friends and neighbours and remember to take it one day at a time.

Q I’m currently furloughed and really worried about money. What can I do?

There are many organisations who can provide free help to support you. They can be contacted by phone, email, webchat or by using their online tools.
They include the Money Helper, National Debtline and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Information about managing debt and how to access advice is also available on the Go&Live hub in the money section.