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It’s a funny old life. We all spend time thinking about when we won’t have to work and can relax about our finances. But how do we get there?

One in five of us lose sleep worrying about money so it may feel like an impossible dream right now. And winning the lottery is for the very lucky few. But making some small changes today can make a big difference. 

Taking control of your money can increase your chance of enjoying a future where you have enough money to spend on what makes you happy. 

What does financial wellbeing mean to you?

Having a sense of financial wellbeing means different things to different people and keeping on top of it can feel a little overwhelming at times. Use our checklist to get started and help you create a plan.

Your financial wellbeing checklist

How financially happy are you?

Checklist and help

I am in control of my day-to-day money

Life can be stressful when the basics are not taken care of. Budgeting and managing debt can play a significant role in controlling how you feel.


Are you able to cover your monthly outgoings and have money left over at the end of the month?

Are your debts under control and are they being managed in the most efficient way?

Prepared for the unexpected

Having emergency savings and insurance to cover the unexpected can make you feel much more in control.


Do you have life insurance?

Are you insured against being unable to work due to long term illness, injury or redundancy?

Do you have other general insurance like buildings and contents, travel, pet etc?

Do you have money put aside for an emergency like your car breaking down or redundancy?

Spend money on what makes you happy

Having day-to-day money under control may allow you to go on holiday, save for a house deposit or change your career – whatever makes you happy.


Do you have enough disposable income to be able to do some of the things that you enjoy like hobbies, days and nights out or holidays?

Are you planning to reduce your hours at work to do something you enjoy and can you afford it?

Can you support your family or friends if you want to?

Prepared for my future

Financial wellbeing is about more than just today. Whatever your dreams you need a plan to get there. 


Do you have a solid plan for future events such as having children or buying a home or retiring?

Are your savings and investments working hard enough for you?

Do you have a retirement goal and could you be saving more into your pension?

Do you have a will in place to ensure your assets go where you want them to go when you are no longer around?

With all of the above in mind, you might benefit from receiving financial advice. A financial adviser will talk to you about the bigger goals such as your retirement savings and investments for example – and also help you ensure that your financial provisions are tax-efficient.

You can find a financial adviser in your local area at unbiased. Advisers usually charge for their services.