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Your investment options


Members of this pension plan can invest their pension savings in either:

1. An investment fund

A fund can invest in a range of things such as property, shares, bonds and cash. It is run by a fund manager whose job is to ensure that the objectives of the fund are being met on behalf of the investors. 

2. A lifestyle profile

This is an investment strategy that automatically adjusts where your savings pot is invested as you approach your selected retirement age. A typical lifestyle profile is designed to automatically move your money into funds that reflect the way you want to take your money when you get to your selected retirement date, such as taking regular income or cash lump sums.

To find out more about funds and lifestyle profiles and how they work please see Your investment options guide.

Want more detailed information about your funds?

For more information on your investments, see the Your investment options guide.

If you think you want to make your own investment decisions, visit Investing your savings pot for the things you need to consider.

Before you make any investment decisions, make sure you understand what investment risk is and how you feel about it. Your guide to how your funds are managed explains the key principles we follow when managing our funds and what happens when an unexpected event occurs.

You may also want to know how our stance on issues affecting the environment, the fair treatment of people and the way businesses are run affects our investment strategy. If so, you’ll find information about our policies and projects on these matters in our Environment, Social and Governance Hub. You can also see a summary in our quick video.


Your investment options guide

Find details of your investment options and what to think about when making a choice on where to invest your money.


Multi-asset fund information guide

This guide explains how the Multi-asset fund works which is part of your default investment option.


Your investment factsheets

This document provides links to all your investment factsheets.