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Your annual pensions newsletter


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Welcome to your annual newsletter from the Mastertrust Trustees.

Our job as Trustees is to make sure you’re receiving value for money from your pension. We oversee the scheme to ensure that it is run and governed well. 

This year, we held two virtual annual member forums, on 8 and 9 November. We're thrilled that so many of you were able to join the forums live. 

If you missed the forums, you can watch them here:

8 November 2022 - for members who are closer to retirement (from around age 45+) - hosted by Joanne Segars, Chair of the IGC

9 November 2022 - for members who are earlier in their pension journey (around 45 and under) - hosted by Meera Venu, Mastertrust Trustee

Pensions expert Colin Wildman went back to basics on pensions, giving us lots of information and answering as many questions as possible. We also heard from stewardship expert Jeannette Andrews who helped to explain how your pension can make a big difference when it comes to environment, social and governance issues.

During the event, we mentioned lots of places you can find out helpful information. These are summarised below with the events' most frequently asked questions around retirement planning and financial wellbeing.

The impact of cost of living increases and Russia's invasion of Ukraine means we are living in uncertain times. Legal & General have created a response hub to provide you with helpful support and information.

We'd love to find out what you think about the event and if you have any suggestions for things you'd like to know more about next year. Please use the 'Get in touch' box on the right hand side of this page to let us know.

You might also be interested to find out about joining our Member Advisory Panel, which regularly meets to discuss and influence topics affecting your pension schemes.

Dermot Courtier

Independent Chair of the Legal & General Mastertrust

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