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Moira Beckwith,




Moira joined the Mastertrust Board in September 2017 and currently chairs both the Operations committee and Governance, Risk and Audit committee.  Moira is an experienced pensions and benefits professional having worked across different aspects of the industry.  Prior to joining the Mastertrust, Moira was employed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) where she was responsible for the benefit and pension programs over multiple geographies.  In this role she had a strong emphasis for good governance and was active on various governance committees in different countries.  Moira has gained a wide experience within the corporate environment and brings a wealth of industry knowledge and understanding.  Moira continues to be a company trustee of GSK’s pension plans both DB and DC, chairing the DC committee and sitting on the Risk, Audit and Operations committee.

Away from work, Moira likes to travel whenever possible and is a keen runner having completed several marathons.  She can also often be found in a pilates studio or aqua gym class.