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Premier Foods DC Group Pension Plan


Balancing risk & reward

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All investment involves a degree of risk. It’s important that you understand, and are comfortable with, the risks you're taking before making any investment choices.

Investments that offer the potential for higher rewards often come with higher risks, which means there’s a greater chance of losing your money.

With lower-risk investments there is less chance of losing your money, but the potential for reward will usually be less.

Understanding how you feel about investment risk

The way you feel about investment risk will depend on your circumstances and, often, your personality. It’s not unusual for someone’s attitude to risk to change as they get older so it’s important to regularly review how your pension savings are invested. 

You can use our Attitude to risk tool to help you understand how you feel about investment risk.

Understanding how you feel about risk will help you to decide whether you’re comfortable making your own investment choices. 



Your guide to risk and reward

Find out more about different types of investment risk and our five customer risk profiles.


Your risk meter

To help you understand and compare the risks of investing in the different funds available to you.


Attitude to risk tool

Use our tool to understand how you feel about investment risk.