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How can I take my savings when I retire?

You can take your savings from age 55.

You can take 25% of your retirement savings as tax-free cash when you retire.

Whether or not you take the tax-free cash, you can then take your savings:

Or you can choose a mixture of these.

Retirement Line Service

If you’re interested in receiving a regular pension income (annuity), for life or for a fixed number of years, you should shop around for the best deal. Tesco have selected Retirement Line, the UK’s largest pension income broker, to help you with this. Retirement Line believe everyone should know how much guaranteed pension income they could receive, before deciding what to do with their savings at retirement.

Go to or call 0345 5652601 to find out more and look for the best option to suit your personal circumstances. Retirement Line will search for the best annuity deals for you. It costs nothing to use their service to see what pension income you could receive. Please note that Tesco is not responsible for any information provided to you by Retirement Line. Other pension income brokers are also available.

For more information refer to Guidance and financial advice and Useful contacts.

Pension Wise

Pension Wise is a free and impartial service set up by the Government to help you make a decision about how to take your savings at retirement. We recommend you visit for more information.