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How the Tesco Lifestyle Investment Options work?

The Tesco Lifestyle Investment Options have been developed to move your savings automatically into investments that are appropriate to the number of years to your target retirement age.

It has been designed to help grow your money at the right time and in the right way while reducing the possible ups and downs in value as you approach your target retirement age.

To do this, it has been divided into three different phases:

1. Far to Go (aims to grow your savings when you are younger, and some way from retirement). More than 15 years to go. Action: Think about when you want to retire and tell us target retirement age by calling 0345 070 0090  2. Middle Distance (continues to aim for growth while also starting to protect your savings as you get nearer t retirement). Between 5 and 15 years. Action: Make sure you tell us if your target retirement age changes by calling 0345 070 0090  3. Nearly there (moves to protect your savings, now you are getting closer to retirement). Less than 5 years. Action: Match your investments to how you want to take your savings at retirement through Manage Your Account at