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Getting your pensions into one place

If you have pension pots with previous employers, you can normally transfer them into your current workplace plan. There could be benefits to combining your pension pots, including:

  • Saving money: charges may be lower.
  • Having more choice: investment options may be better.
  • Having more access and support: such as online access that helps you track and manage your investments in real time.
  • Saving time: dealing with fewer pension providers can save valuable time whenever you want to make changes.

If you are considering transferring your plan to us, we recommend you read the Guide to pension transfers.

How to transfer another pension...

As long as you know the name of the pension provider, you can use our free pension transfer service, provided by My Future Now (MFN). 

It's a simple way to combine all your pension pots in one place, making it easier to plan your retirement income and potentially save on pension management charges. 

You can set up the transfer online from your laptop, tablet or mobile and there's no obligation to proceed. 

My Future Now is part of Legal & General Workplace Savings. 

Watch the video for information about combining pensions into one place and how to get help tracking down lost pensions.

Guide to pension transfers

This explains what you should think about when deciding whether to transfer an old pension plan.

Manage your account

Keeping up to date with your pension savings is easy with our online service, Manage Your Account.

Finding lost pensions

You can find lost pension pots through the Pension Tracing Service.