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Opting out of the pension scheme.

If you are automatically enrolled into a pension scheme you have the right to opt out of it.

You can opt out within one month of your enrolment date or one month from receiving your enrolment notification, whichever is later.

If you opt out within this time, any contributions you have made will be returned to you.

How do I opt out?

Contact your pension provider who will advise you or visit your Legal & General scheme microsite.

Leaving the pension scheme at a later date

You can stop contributing to the pension scheme at any time. If you do, any contributions you or your employer has already made will remain in your pension pot until you take your benefits on retirement or at any time after age 55.

Depending on the type of scheme you belong to and how long you have been a member, you could be entitled to a short service refund of your own contributions if allowed under the rules of the scheme.  Any contributions paid by your employer would be returned to them.  The rules vary depending on the date you joined and a refund may be allowed if:

  • You joined the scheme before October 2015 and left before completing two years’ pensionable service.
  • If you joined the scheme on or after 1 October 2015 and left before completing 30 days pensionable service


If you opt out or leave the pension scheme, your employer has to re-enrol you every three years if you're still eligible.

If you decide to rejoin your workplace pension scheme before this time, speak to your employer.

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