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Investment video guides.

Investing for your future may at times seem daunting and confusing. However, we've created a series of investment videos to help you understand the ways in which you can save a little now, in order to have more of the life you want later.

Our videos are designed to simplify the jargon and walk you through your options, and should be used in conjunction with our other guides and tools.

To find out more about a particular subject, links can be found on the left of this page or within the Learning Zone, Plan for your future or Help and Support sections of our website.

Alternatively, please contact a financial adviser.

To learn more about company pensions, ISA, Tax Relief and Retirement, please go to Financial Education.

Risk and reward

How do you feel about risk? What are the influences on your investments, and how could they affect you?

To understand your attitude to risk and learn more about how this could affect you, please use our Online Tools, and read our guides in the Fund Zone.

Watch the video or read the transcript Risk and Reward. (PDF: 63KB)  .

Asset classes

Cash, Bonds, property and shares, how do you put together a balanced investment portfolio?

To find out more about asset classes, please see Investment assets

Watch the video or read the transcript Asset Classes. (PDF: 49KB)  .

Types of investment fund

How do you want to invest your money? Discover what a fund is and the different types to help you understand the basics of investment.

To find out more about funds, please visit our Fund Zone for investment guides and fund information. 

Watch the video or read the transcript Types of Investment Fund. (PDF: 49KB)   .

Active and passive investing

Once you've discovered your attitude to risk, learn the different ways in which your investment fund can be managed.

Watch the video or read the transcript Active Vs Passive Investing. (PDF: 48KB)  .

Manage Your Account

Get the most from your pension or savings by registering or logging in to Manage Your Account today.

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