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a benefit offered to you by your employer

Many employers arrange group protection cover for their employees to protect them and their families in the event of death, critical illness or loss of income due to long-term illness. Your employer might offer all or some of these benefits.

Group life assurance cover and dependants' pensions A benefit that can be paid out as a tax free lump sum or as a dependants' pension if you die.
Critical illness cover A tax free lump sum can be paid if you suffer from an eligible insured condition and survive a set time period.
Group income protection plan A monthly income over a time period can be paid, if you're absent from work due to a long term illness or injury.

Can you join?

Your employer chooses who will provide the cover, the benefits provided and which employees will automatically benefit from the cover as part of their company benefits.

Check with your employer what cover is provided, whether you're eligible and what your terms are.

If your employer takes out one of our group protection products, it includes access to our Worklife Solutions benefits as standard.

Worklife Solutions

Workplace Solutions offers free benefits to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and deal with events and issues in your everyday life, such as access to an Employee Assistance Programme.

Speak to your employer if you're covered by one of our group protection policies. They'll be able to give you details on how to access our Worklife Solutions benefits.

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