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Changes to the Lifetime Allowance
15 February 2016 - The Lifetime Allowance is changing. You may need to protect your pension savings.


State Pension Increase
13 January 2014 - Prime Minister David Cameron confirms ‘triple lock’


Benefit Statement Now Online
25 October 2013 - We’re pleased to announce the launch of new content and services to Manage Your Account.

Employers 'embrace' auto-enrolment
28 February 2013 - Employers of all sizes are said to be embracing legislation that makes it compulsory to sign up workers to a pension scheme.

Annuity code may help consumers
27 February 2013 - Those looking to purchase annuities may get a better deal if they consult a new code of conduct, according to Deloitte.

Fewer workers saving for retirement
26 February 2013 - The number of people saving for their retirement with a workplace pension scheme has dropped to its lowest level for five years, figures show.

Joblessness 'causing under-25s debt'
25 February 2013 - Under-25s are the most likely to suffer from debt problems as a result of unemployment, a charity has revealed.

Fifth 'use plastic' to pay the bills
22 February 2013 - One in five people rely on credit to cover essential household bills each month, a poll has revealed.

Consumers turn to online banking
21 February 2013 - A survey has revealed that 19% of people in Britain have not visited their bank for two years or even longer.

Regular dividend payments 'favoured'
20 February 2013 - Quarterly dividend payments look set to become more common as investment firms move towards a 'little and often' approach to income investing.

University funding cuts 'will cost more'
19 February 2013 - A new university funding system will generate economic costs six times as large as any Government savings, according to research.

CIPD study shows reduced working hours
18 February 2013 - One in three employers have reduced hours for some of their staff during the past five years, a survey has found.

Welfare reform helps claimants save
15 February 2013 - Working benefits claimants across the country are getting support to save towards retirement as part of changes to the welfare system, it has been revealed.

'Road to recovery not smooth' - King
14 February 2013 - Presenting the Bank's quarterly inflation report, Sir Mervyn King said there was cause for optimism for the future, despite GDP falling in the fourth quarter of 2012.

'Gloomy picture' for anxious consumers
13 February 2013 - A new report has shed light on consumers and their household budgets, with many caught in a 'long squeeze' leaving them unable to save.

Call to scrap Nest scheme restrictions
12 February 2013 - Scrapping restrictions on a scheme that is key to retirement saving reforms is urgently needed to stop employees missing out on the best value pensions, a committee of MPs has said.

Concern over public sector worker engagement
11 February 2013 - A new survey has found that less than a fifth of workers in the public sector are consulted on important decisions.

MPC hopeful of economic turnaround
08 February 2013 - The Bank of England has refused further emergency support, with policymakers continuing to play the waiting game this month.

Europeans 'lack discretionary income'
07 February 2013 - Research has shown that only around a fifth of people across Europe have any spare cash left at all after their living expenses have been paid.

World's most expensive cities revealed
06 February 2013 - A new report has shown European cities have become cheaper in the past year due to economic problems and growth in emerging markets.

Record number of tax returns filed on time
05 February 2013 - A record number of people filed their self-assessment tax returns on time this year, according to HM Revenue and Customs.

IMA reveals 2012 ISA investment trends
04 February 2013 - ISA net sales topped the £1 billion mark last year, figures show.

Retail savings balances 'go up'
01 February 2013 - Personal savings held by mutuals rose by £2.7 billion last year, against a rise of £4 billion in 2011, statistics show.

Call to relax retirement scheme rules
31 January 2013 - Pension funds want the Government to help them cope with gaping deficits caused by measures put in place to stimulate the economy.

Households 'brace themselves' financially
30 January 2013 - Two-thirds of people believe the economy is in a poor condition, and 44% expect it to get worse in the next 12 months, according to research.

Youth unemployment 'worse in UK'
29 January 2014 - The number of young people without a job has risen quicker in the UK than anywhere else in the G8 since the economic crisis began, a study warns.

Pay rises growing but 'may fall again'
28 January 2013 - British workers have been getting slightly bigger pay rises since the turn of the year, analysts have found.

Bank members against increasing QE
25 January 2013 - Minutes of the latest MPC meeting have revealed that while members have faith in their Funding for Lending scheme, "headwinds" remain.

UK house sales 'hit five-year peak'
24 January 2013 - House sales in Britain were back to pre-recession levels in 2012, with lenders suggesting it is a good time for mortgage borrowers.

Bankers 'fear for their bonuses'
23 January 2013 - The number of bankers expecting to receive a 'doughnut', or no bonus, this year has doubled compared with 2012, according to Astbury Marsden.

Managers' pay 'won't match inflation'
22 January 2013 - Managers are unlikely to see pay rises that match inflation this year, new figures show.

'Counting the cost' of RPI status quo
21 January 213 - The decision to retain the current method for calculating the RPI could wipe billions of pounds off company balance sheets, it is feared.

Smartphones 'should keep an eye on stores'
18 January 2013 - Mobile phones could be used to help shoppers find better deals in supermarkets, it is believed.

Chocolate 'to fuel consumer spending'
17 January 2013 - Chocolate and other low-cost snacks will be at the forefront of a resurgence in consumer spending, it is claimed.

Providers to reveal pension charges
16 January 2013 - Employees in workplace pension schemes are to get consistent and clear-cut definitions of pension charges from the summer of 2014.

250,000 downloads for HMRC app
15 January 2013 - HM Revenue and Customs' tax calculator app is proving popular with workers across the UK and has now reached a total of 250,000 downloads.

Regulator unveils new pension standards
14 January 2013 - The Pensions Regulator has revealed new standards that defined contribution (DC) pension schemes should follow.

Recruiters reveal economic concerns
11 January 2013 - Negativity about the employment market has been heightened after a study of recruiters showed that many were not confident.

Brits 'prioritising finances' in 2013
10 January 2013 - New research by Morrisons has revealed Britons are more interested in saving pounds in their pockets than losing them in the gym in 2013.

Retail savings with mutuals 'rise'
09 January 2013 - There has been an increase in retail savings balances held with mutuals, according to the latest figures.

More firms 'reduce pension contributions'
08 January 2013 - More firms are planning to reduce their contributions to DC pension schemes to cope with the cost of auto-enrolment, according to a survey.

Study shows 'true cost of commuting'
Making savings on the commute to the office has never been more important for workers.

Divestment levels 'to remain steady'
04 January 2013 - Divestment activity among companies is expected to remain similar to the past three years, although there are different motivations for selling.

Business confidence 'growing slightly'
03 January 2013 - The Federation of Small Businesses expects confidence to grow in 2013 as the economy continues to recover from a double-dip recession.

Consumers use credit for Xmas funds
02 January 2013 - Nearly half of people in the UK relied on credit to cover their Christmas spending this year, new research has revealed.

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