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Whatever your age, there's no better time to start thinking about your future than the present. Whether you're saving for something special or planning your dream retirement, a little forward thinking can have a big impact on your life later on.

We understand there's a lot to think about, so here are some handy tools that Legal & General provide to help you with your planning:

Retirement planning

Do you know what your options will be when you retire? How much money are you expecting to have in retirement? How do your feelings about risk affect how you invest your money? Use our retirement tool to help find the answers.

Retirement planning

Cash Family Challenges

Learn more about pensions with Legal & General's fun and interactive Cash Family Challenges.

See the latest dilemmas faced by the Cash family members   

Financial education

Legal & General has created a series of short and informative videos designed to help you understand pensions, savings, tax and investing.

See how you can make the most of your money


Pension calculators

Legal & General's calculators have been designed to help you make the most of your pension savings.

Use the calculators

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