Manage Your Account.

Check how your savings are doing

It’s a simple thing but many of us forget that our finances need regular reviews to make sure they’re doing ok. With this user-friendly tool, Manage Your Account , you can review your savings regularly to ensure your money is working just as hard as you are.

Manage Your Account gives you access to your pension and savings information whenever you want. It offers:

  • Flexibility. You can monitor your pension plan and follow investment performance.
  • Opportunities. To view and change where your money is invested so you can make sure it’s working hard for you.
  • Convenience. You can keep an eye on your transaction history and view scheme charges and contributions.
  • Choices. You can request benefit and unit statements and explore your investment options.
  • Education. You can look at fact sheets about current and potential funds so you can keep informed.
  • Efficiency. You can update your personal details without contacting us directly.

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Manage Your Account

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